Thursday April 17th 2014

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Custom Tree Huts Project Update


The guys at TwelfthParsec have written in to let us know about an update on their campaign to deliver some cool Ewok related items to the market (including playsets).  They have met their fundraising goal, but have been able to extend their campaign a bit longer with some new stretch goals in mind, and for each goal met, contributors will get special perks with additional accessories with their order.

Read all about it here, and their campaign page can be accessed here.   Better act quick if you want to get your hands on one of these sets though, the campaign ends in one week!

Action Figure Xpress – Easter Sale


Our friends at JediDefender have alerted us that Action Figure Xpress is holding an Easter Sale with some great discounts on various Star Wars items.

Imperial Seal Bookends $59.49 (reg. $69.99)
Cad Bane Bust Bank $16.19 (reg. $26.99)
Jumbo Kenner Zuckuss $43.99 (reg. $79.99)
Jumbo Kenner Dengar $43.99 (reg. $79.99)
Han in Carbonite Business Card Holder $19.19 (reg. $31.99)

Sale ends April 20.

Customizing Spotlight: 6″ Prototype Boba Fett


If you have been following along with our recent episodes of The Realm Recap, you’ll be familiar with the fact that I recently acquired a gorgeous custom 6’ Prototype Boba Fett from talented customizer Chris Veach. As I alluded to in the show, I thought how cool would it be to have a custom box to go along with it. So, after some quick prototyping (pun intended) I came up with a nice design to complement Chris’s work. Click on through for a complete gallery of images.


PGM Holiday Edition Yoda Available


For Premier Guild Members that missed out on Gentle Giant’s Yoda Holiday 2013 Jumbo Kenner figure, it is once again available for order*. As a reminder, this figure includes a special bonus gift — a mini Vintage carded Boba Fett packed inside the gift bag!

Thanks to our friends at Jedi Temple Archives for the alert.

*You must have a valid PG Membership to access the page for ordering.

The Official Site Gets a Facelift

swdotcom_new has once again freshened the look of their main page (interior pages still sport the old design for now). Head on over for a closer look.

Episode 422: To Buy, Or Not To Buy? That is the Question.


Yes, Sideshow Collectibles has put up for pre-order its newest life-sized Star Wars figure – The Han Solo in Carbonite.  And it has Arnie waxing philosophical about collecting, and how much is too much to spend on one item.  On this episode of the Star Wars Action News podcast he and Marjorie review all the information released about this new high-end item.  Join them for this discussion!

Also on this week’s show, Hasbro’s new 6-inch Star Wars line has reinvigorated action figure collectors, but with a new scale come old problems–like figure balance.  NECA makes a line of figure stands for 6 to 8-inch figures, but do they work for the Black Series?  Watch to see how this round peg fits in that foot hole!

Also in this episode are reviews of the Hasbro’s Mission Series figures Wave 2, including Han Solo, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul, R2-D2, and C-3PO!

With a Savage new Premium Format figure, a report from Wizard World St. Louis, an interview with Star Wars sketch card artist Chris Hamer, and so much more, it’s all in this episode of Star Wars Action News!

Gentle Giant Launches May the 4th Contest


 Gentle Giant has launched a contest asking for your favorite Star Wars memory and why you are still a fan today. Click on through for the details!


Sponsor News: DorksideToys


Check out all that’s in stock this week, and available for pre-order at Choose from NEW Game of Thrones, Magic The Gathering, Funko, Robocop, Walking Dead, Marvel, Star Wars, GI JOE, Pulp Fiction, & more…


Hallmark Event Exclusive Wampa Keepsake Ornament


Hallmark has updated their site with their 2014 Dreambook of Keepsake Ornaments which feature 6 new ornaments including, Yoda (Peekbuster), The Rise of Darth Vader, Sandcrawler, Scout Trooper, LEGO Boba Fett and the Cantina Band. They also reveal, via press release, this year’s convention/event exclusive ornament – The Wampa – complete with velvety flocking.

Thanks to JediNews for the head-up.

Episode 10: We’re Gonna Need a Better Box


Another week has passed and it’s time for our look back at the latest news in Star Wars collecting. On this episode of The Realm Recap we chat about various customizing features including a one-off Black Series style box for a recent custom 6″ figure I acquired, pre-order solicitations from Sideshow, a canceled Darth Maul game and more. Click on through to check out the latest episode and feel free to subscribe to our channel and leave suggestions on what you’d like to see covered (more or less) on the show.

Also, if you prefer not to look at our ugly mugs, a downloadable MP3 is available as well.


R2-D9 USB Car Charger


ThinkGeek has updated with the addition of an exclusive R2-D9* USB Car Charger available to Geek Points Members only. Like the R2-D2 Charger, R2-D9′s dome rotates and lights up; he whistles and beeps (when power is connected and when your device begins to charge; force him to animate by pressing his center button which turns power to the ports on). It is available now for $39.99

*Astromech aficionados out there: What makes this charger R2-D9 and not R2-R9?

Customizer Spotlight: GeekSummit


Forum member GeekSummit has shared pics of several outstanding custom figures in the 6″ scale that he’s made – be sure to check these out, and share your thoughts after the jump!

Life-Size Han in Carbonite Up For Pre-Order


Sideshow is now taking pre-orders for the Life-Size Han Solo Carbonite figure. Expertly recreated in fiberglass and high quality materials, film-accurate light effects in the base, side panels and rear power canisters provide added authenticity to Solo’s carbonite prison. Comes with full-color detailed instructions, some assembly is required. Ugnaughts not included.

Premium Format Savage Opress Pre-Order


Sideshow is now taking pre-orders for the Premium Format Savage Opress figure. Wielding his deadly double-bladed red sabrestaff, Savage Opress stands a towering 22” upon a glowing light-up themed base, fully prepared to annihilate all those who stands in his way.

$5.00 GI JOE Figures at Five Below


Off topic a bit here, but if you have a Five Below store in your area, you may want to swing by and see if they are stocking GI JOE figures – the ones in my area just started putting GI JOE Retaliation figures out this week, for the awesome price of $5.00 each.

A lot of the later figures from the “movie line” are really great figures, but sadly were not distributed well (a trend we see with Hasbro these days).

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