Friday May 22nd 2015

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Funko POP! Han Solo Vault Edition Found


Yakreader Rick S. sends in a report on finding the re-release “Vault Edition” Han Solo POP! Bobble head figure from his local Hot Topic.

Earlier today I went to my local Hot Topic to find some pops and saw some of the new Star Wars pop re-releases.  They had the Jedi Luke and the Slave Leia.  What was surprising to me was to see Han Solo.  He’s in the ‘black’ reissue box like the other reissues.  I’m surprised because I never heard any announcements, preorders, or any other news at all on Han being released.  He was priced at $12.50, just like the other pops.  I live in Eastern Washington state and although the Funko Headquarters is a 5 hour drive from here I can’t believe I would be the first to find these.  Anyway, I hope this helps any collectors find these.
Thanks for the report Rick!

Upcoming Customizing Challenge


Our current Yakfinities Customizing Challenge goes through June 30, but it’s time to start thinking about ideas for the next one, which kicks off in July!  After over 50 of these customizing events, we could always use some fresh ideas, so be sure to share your suggestions in our comments section or in the forums!

Hasbro Toy Talk by Jodo: Part 4


Forum member Jodo has posted a new bit on his blog about the current state of Hasbro’s Star Wars lineup.  In particular, a focus on what so many of us encounter when we walk into a retail store, planning to spend some money on the brand, but just can’t find anything we want.  And of course, the price hike to $12.99 that many outlets now charge for The Black Series.

Check it out here, and share your thoughts in our comments section or in the forums!

Toyguide Update: 2013 Legacy Collection Droid Factory Assortment


The Yakface Toyguide updates resume today with a special update detailing the recently surfaced 2013 Legacy Collection Droid Factory Assortment.

PROS: Previously thought to be cancelled, this line look was eventually reconfigured to form many of the figures in the first waves of The Black Series as well as the 2013 Amazon Exclusive set. Many collectors preferred this line look so it is nice to get closure on that line that was very short lived. There is absolutely nothing new here so it is very skippable for the general opener/collector.

CONS: At this time, it is unknown how plentiful these cases of figures are so the price for each figure is pretty ridiculous. If you are a packaging/carded completist, this run of figures may ultimately be a hole in your collection.

Head to the toyguide for the full image gallery and to judge for yourself whether these figures are worth adding to your collection.

New Black Series Stormtrooper Change


Our friends at Jedi Temple Archives are reporting that the new Black Series Stormtrooper (found at Toys”R”us) features some different parts than the most recent mold, including a new helmet.  Is this a leap forward, or a step back?

Head on over for the thoughts of our friend Paul Harrison, and feel free to discuss in our forums.

Legacy Collection Droid Factory Case Details


I popped in to my local Go! Calendars store today per their notification that they received a shipment of the Legacy Collection Droid Factory figures. There are some new facts for those interested regarding this bizarre line. Click on through for the details.


Black Series Wave 7 Hitting Target


Looks like the Black Series 3.75″ wave 7 assortment is making its way across the middle of the US. A local collector friend here in Minnesota found Captain Rex, Dutch Vander and Commander Wolffe at three separate Target stores in the west metro, meaning, they are still splitting up cases to stock store shelves.

Hasbro Star Wars SDCC Panel Schedule

Looking to attend Hasbro’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con? They have just released their schedule so plan accordingly.

Cancelled Legacy Collection Assortment Available Online


In case you absolutely need these for your carded collection, has posted the complete assortment of “cancelled” Legacy Collection figures for order online.

Thanks to DarthTerrible for the heads up.

Update from reader Bryan

I found a coupon code for 20% off and free shipping which got each piece to about $16 and change after taxes. Code is “OFFERS30″


New Black Series 3.75″ Found


The latest additions to the 3.75″ Black Series line have been found on the pegs in the U.S.  Probably not at a place you’d expect, and even less likely at prices you will be thrilled about… head on over to the forums for more details.

Rykrof Enloe Returns


The adventures of Rykrof Enloe return to the Yakface Forums today, as the former Clone Wars hero finds himself mixed up in his first major battle of the Galactic Civil War.  Head on over to the forums for the full chapter; The 8th Trial:  Catastrophe after the jump!

Hasbro Toy Shop Price Hike


After listing some upcoming 3.75″ scale Black Series figures for $9.99 last week, has bumped up the price by three bucks.  Special thanks to forum member darth_sidious for this information.

Personal Note:  As for myself, I was on the fence with Chewbacca and Dutch at $9.99, but a $12.99 price tag turns me into not wanting those particular figures in the least.  And definitely not the Vader.  All of these are basically retreads or are using mostly existing parts, and for that much money, Hasbro needs to do better.  Disagree?  Share your thoughts after the jump!

NEW LEGO Star Wars Sets Hitting ToysRUs


New 2015 LEGO Star Wars sets have started to hit stores recently. I was able to find 4 new boxed sets as well as the Inquisitor’s TIE Advanced Polybag. Click on through for the images.


Episode #62: Revenge of the Legacy Collection


A lot has happened in collecting news since our last show. With long-thought cancelled product hitting stores again as well as new preorders going live, there hasn’t been a shortage of things to purchase this week so you definitely need a deep wallet. Star Wars Weekends is officially underway and there is A LOT of merchandise available from there as well, from clothes to Build-A-Droid parts and more. We cover all of this plus Disney Infinity 3.0 news, new images from The Force Awakens and, as always, our newest reviews and acquisitions — all on Episode 62 of The Realm Recap!

Click on through to check out the latest episode and feel free to subscribe to our channel and leave suggestions on what you’d like to see covered on the show.

Also, if you prefer an audio-only version, a downloadable MP3 is available as well.’


Hikari Sofubi “Dirty Penny” Clone Trooper


Entertainment Earth is now taking preorder for their exclusive Funko Hikari Sofubi “Dirty Penny” Clone Trooper vinyl figure. Limited to just 250 pieces, this item is expected to ship next month.


More Cancelled Legacy Collection Figures Found


Following up on Rebelscum’s report about the previously cancelled Legacy Collection Droid Factory assortment from 2013, I hit up my local Go! Calendars | Games | Toys store and found a few of those figures as well. Looks like I just need the Clone Trooper Sergeant and Luminara Unduli to finish off the assortment that caps off the Amazon Exclusive set nicely.

New Star Wars Be@rbricks for Medicom Toy Exhibition ’15


Medicom has announced several “new” Be@rbricks for their upcoming Medicom Toy Exhibition / Parco Event this June. Click on through to check them out.


New The Force Awakens Stormtrooper Shirt at Star Wars Weekends


Check out this cool new First Order Stormtrooper shirt making its debut at Star Wars Weekends at the Galactic Gathering. This stormtrooper looks a bit more heavily armed than your standard trooper, too. Thanks to @MauiMickey702 on twitter for the heads up.

Imperial Troop Transport @ TRU


Slowly but surely, Hasbro’s Imperial Troop Transport is making its way into Toys”R”us stores.  Has it shown up in your area yet?  Share your reports after the jump!

New Black Series On HasbroToyShop


HasbroToyShop has updated today adding a few new Black Series 3.75″ figures to their store. You can preorder Chewbacca, Dutch Vander and Darth Vader (Dagobah Test) for $9.99 each.

Thanks to Michael M. for the heads up.

Darth Vader #5 Now Available


The next installment in the Darth Vader series from Marvel is now available via your local comic book store. You can also purchase and download the digital version through Marvel’s Digital Comic Shop.

Vader continues his investigation into the Emperor’s secrets…Not everyone wants him to find out the truth. Who are Vader’s mysterious new rivals?

Hot Toys Sandtrooper Preorder Now Available


Sideshow is now taking preorders for Hot Toys’ 1:6 Scale MMS Sandtrooper figure.

Black Series Wave 8 Preorder at Entertainment Earth


Entertainment Earth has also opened preorders for The Black Series Wave 8 of 3.75″ figures.

Black Series Wave 8 Preorder at DorksideToys


DorksideToys is now taking preorders for The Black Series Wave 8. This assortment includes:

• 1 x Captain Rex
• 1 x Darth Vader (Dagobah Test)
• 1 x Dutch Vander
• 1 x Chewbacca
• 1 x Clone Commander Doom
• 1 x C-3PO
• 1 x Princess Leia as Boushh
• 1 x Mosep Binneed
• 2 x Clone Commander Thorn
• 1 x Han Solo with Carbonite
• 1 x Jawas

Deluxe 6″ Luke & Wampa Preorders Now Open


Various preorders have opened up today for The Black Series Deluxe 6″ Luke Skywalker and Wampa sets. Don’t over pay through shoddy eBay/gray market sellers. You can get yours now through sellers that support your favorite sites:

Entertainment Earth
Big Bad Toy Store

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