Toyguide Update: SDCC Exclusive 6″ TBS First Order Stormtrooper


The Yakface Toyguide updates resume today with a special look at the SDCC exclusive 6″ First Order Stormtrooper from the Black Series line of figures.

PROS: Here, we get our first real exposure to a toy from The Force Awakens and if other product in this line is as good (or better), I suspect there will be many happy collectors. Paint apps are pretty spot with little to no egregious slop (at least on this sample) and the articulation is pretty standard at this point, allowing for a lot of realistic and dynamic posing options. Overall proportions of the figure are good and the sculpt is highly detailed. I would expect to see a least a few trooper variants out of this mold so it is a great base for those future releases. The weapons are handled nicely with white and silver accents laid over familiar, yet all-new, blaster design(s) for the new films. They are able to be clipped into the right thigh via a dedicated tab – both of which are held securely when stowed.

CONS: Surprisingly, Hasbro elected to revert to insert-molded joints for the elbows whereas most prior 6″ Black Series figures were double-jointed. This limits their range of motion somewhat and prevents them from being bent less than 110º. Still no display stand for a line of figures that really could benefit from them. This will surely be a popular item to track down before and after SDCC, but thankfully, it will be released at retail, making the packaging/presentation the real collectible here.

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Thanks to Hasbro for providing us this early sample.

Star Wars #7 Stormtrooper Action Figure Variant Cover


The ever expanding list of action figure cover variants for Marvel’s Star Wars series continues with the Stormtrooper for issue #007. Like the others, this variant features the work of John Tyler Christopher giving the cover a Vintage Kenner inspired design with a realistic twist. Look for it at your local comic shop on July 29.

Thanks to Jedi-Bibliothek for the heads up.

Episode #67: You Must Choose


The Realm Recap returns this week with the latest in Star Wars collecting news. On this episode, Flyguy and I discuss the relaunch of the Fans’ Choice poll from Hasbro where collectors and fans get to choose their favorite character to be released in the 6″ Black Series line. Also this week, several more SDCC exclusives were announced from Funko, LEGO, Gentle Giant and more so get those wallets and shelf spaces ready. Star Wars Rebels was back last week with the Siege of Lothal and this week, we finally get details on the Season 1 Blu-ray and DVD release. As always we wrap things up with reviews and our new acquisitions for the week. All this and more on Episode #67 of The Realm Recap!

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Hasbro’s Best Star Wars Toy in 2015?


So far, 2015 hasn’t exactly been a banner year for Hasbro’s product brand, but their new 6″ scale Wampa is one of the greatest items I’ve ever seen them produce.

Obviously they have a huge opportunity with the Fall lineup, but given how awesome this new Wampa is, I’m not expecting to see much product this year that tops it.

Head on over to the forums for a closer look, including a comparison of this mold next to the 3.75″ scale Wampa, which is looking very outdated now.

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